Approved by the United Nations


The Schleiboats of Unleash Future Boats GmbH make an important contribution to the sustainability goals (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs for short) of the United Nations.

After telephone calls with Bonn, Vienna and New York, we received official approval from the United Nations today.

As a company, we can now officially present the attributes and logos of the SDGs in communication.

That’s great, because the towboats from Unleash Future Boats GmbH meet 7 out of 17 sustainability goals!

With green innovation we contribute to the achievement of what are probably the most important goals of our time! We are aware of our responsibility, which is why our goals and principles were already a constant companion in the concept work and today form our cornerstones.

Green technology allows us economic growth in international competition.

With our solutions and products, we contribute to reducing emissions. At the same time, we are creating a new form of intermodal and multimodal mobility that we use to meet our needs.

We would like to show you more precisely how we map this with the SDGs. Now we can revise our documents and cordially invite you to be happy with us 🙂