A paradigm shift that strengthens our society and creates quality of life

A paradigm shift in the financial world that strengthens our society, increases our quality of life and protects our living space!

30% of the investments are currently flowing into so-called #ESG investment. In addition to a profitable, attractive financial investment, important standards in the areas of #sustainability and #social responsibility are required.

We know the pandemic is very difficult for many. We too have to keep finding new solutions for the current situation. Excitingly, however, ESG investments are proving to be crisis-proof in the time of #Corona and are even continuing to grow. As a result, investors favor ESG companies. By 2025, it is expected that more than half of all investors will have recognized and implemented them. For all of us in the #schleiregion, this means that we can look to the future with hope and a little more confidence!

Friday’s Project A Knowledge Conference (online) featured this topic: “#ESG and #ImpactInvesting and how it affects VC-backed companies” – during Project A Knowledge Conference 2020 (online)

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