Webcast mit Lars Engelhard bei Gateway49

On Friday, November 13th, 2020, our managing director Lars Engelhard will take part in a webcast by Gateway49.

Friday the 13th, but there can always be days of fate. However, imponderables and uncertainty can also be managed. Here you can find out how to do this.

Lars Engelhard is a true all-rounder. He is an inventor, author, entrepreneur and strategist. He personally holds more than 12 international patents. He has been working in the field of image processing and autonomous driving since 2009. In 2010, he was responsible for the first online services in the vehicle and in the IT backend for Audi and the VW Group.
Since 2015, Lars has headed Unleash Future®, an international think tank of highly and highly gifted people. In 2020 he founded Unleash Future Boats GmbH. After almost 2 years of incubation, the team is setting new standards in the field of emission-free boat drives and autonomous maritime systems.
The company, based on the Schlei, is currently in an advanced round of financing for a total of 15.2 million euros. As a flagship project in Schleswig-Holstein and with great support from politics and business, the team applied for almost 4 million euros in funding in the middle of the year. With the invention of a smart sensor, they were able to win the Fraunhofer Institute as a cooperation partner.

In his role as a mentor, he will give Gateway49 and the participants insight into the strategic aspects of a high-tech spin-off. He will explain how the interdisciplinary teams from automotive, aerospace and maritime successfully come up with new solutions and always strategically secure them. Lars will also give us experience from previous spin-offs that can help you avoid hurdles and pitfalls. This also includes important components such as trademark and patent law, security and communication, grant applications and financing. Surely you can ask many questions, the webcast is planned as an open-end for you.

Look in! When? From 2 p.m.