Water taxis for Kappeln – visit at the other end of the Schlei

The newspaper report told us that Kappeln is also looking for a solution for your infrastructure in Olpenitz.

So it was time for a site visit with Mayor Heiko Traulsen.

The newly developed area is really very impressive.

However, I imagine it would be difficult to walk the long streets of the houses by the sea regularly to the bakery in a central location. I ran the route and even with the car it’s not really nice at 10 km/h.

An emission-free and above all quiet transport solution over the water would therefore be ideal for this new settlement.

In fact, the Schleiboats could take shortcuts directly and reduce many routes within the former harbor basin.

This would greatly reduce vehicle movements on the site and increase the quality of life.

A really exciting appointment and we will keep in touch!