Frankfurth am Main:

Unleash Future Boats meets HSBC

We’re thrilled to share an exhilarating experience from our CEO, Diana S. Engelhard‘s visit to the HSBC Capital Market Outlook in Frankfurt! Here’s what made the event unforgettable:

✔️ Enlightening Presentations🎤: Diana found the discussions eye-opening, especially the revelation that traditional savings accounts might just be the most inefficient investment for private savers, acting as unintentional ‘money burners’. 🔥💰
✔️ Inspiring Encounters 🤝: The conversations Diana had were nothing short of inspirational, filled with innovative ideas and perspectives. It was a privilege to engage with HSBC’s highly knowledgeable staff, who brought invaluable insights to every discussion.
✔️ Reunions and Invitations 💌: The event was also a wonderful opportunity for reunions and new connections. Diana was delighted to meet again with Axel Hoffmans, the head of Private Banking, and received a warm invitation from Jonathan Hoster, the regional leader of Private Banking in Central Germany.
✔️ Meeting Industry Leaders 💼: Among the impressive personalities was Kerstin Terhardt, Director and Head of Fixed Income at HSBC Asset Management Germany. Kerstin, an inspiring leader and a certified lifeguard, stands out as a true powerhouse, demonstrating the strength and versatility of women in finance.
✔️ Breathtaking Venue 🏙: The location itself offered a magnificent view over Frankfurt, adding to the event’s allure and providing a memorable backdrop for the important discussions taking place.
✔️ Shared Values and Visions 🌍: It was particularly rewarding to meet and engage with individuals who not only possess exceptional competence and responsibility but also share a vision for the future. The HSBC team’s dedication to both their investors and societal progress resonates deeply with our values at Unleash Future Boats.

A big shout-out to the HSBC team for their hospitality and for fostering an environment of forward-thinking and innovation. Encounters like these are what drive us forward, shaping a brighter, more sustainable future. 🚤💡