Top grade for Noah Art Leinwebers bachelor’s thesis!

🎓 We are pleased to celebrate the outstanding achievement of Noah Leinweber, who completed his bachelor’s thesis with the top grade of 1.0! 🎉

The work entitled “Potential analysis for the development of ethical guidelines for highly automated inland shipping” was written as part of the “Robotics and Autonomous Systems” course at the University of Lübeck and submitted in April 2023.

We at Unleash Future Boats GmbH are proud to be part of this remarkable academic achievement. The work was created in close collaboration with our CEO Lars Holger Engelhard and Dr. Bernd Rech, Head of Test and Validation. The work was supervised by Dr.-Ing.Christian Herzog, né Hoffmann. Second examiner was Prof. Dr. Georg Schildbach.

A big thank you to everyone involved and congratulations to Noah Art Leinweber for this impressive achievement! 🎉

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