We proudly present PartnerShip

πŸš€ We are proudly present our #PartnerShip together with Ophardt Maritim

πŸ’ͺ We use PartnerShip as escort boat for our autonomous boats and ships. We will also use it for press dates and for test drives.

πŸ‘ Ophardt Maritim is building awesome boats made out of aluminum. Highest precision, reliability and efficiency. We are looking forward to many following projects with this great team!

πŸ™ Many thanks to the team of Schleswiger Tauwerkfabrik Oellerking, Unleash Future, Wikingerstadt Schleswig, Schleswiger Stadtwerke and Stadthafen Schleswig, our #homeharbor.

πŸ”¨ #justdoit. Let action speak. Shaping the future. Interdisciplinary with strong partners!