We proudly present PartnerShip

🚀 We are proudly present our #PartnerShip together with Ophardt Maritim

💪 We use PartnerShip as escort boat for our autonomous boats and ships. We will also use it for press dates and for test drives.

👏 Ophardt Maritim is building awesome boats made out of aluminum. Highest precision, reliability and efficiency. We are looking forward to many following projects with this great team!

🙏 Many thanks to the team of Schleswiger Tauwerkfabrik Oellerking, Unleash Future, Wikingerstadt Schleswig, Schleswiger Stadtwerke and Stadthafen Schleswig, our #homeharbor.

🔨 #justdoit. Let action speak. Shaping the future. Interdisciplinary with strong partners!