Take people sustainable with you – with new mobility!

The Unleash Future® team has submitted a proposal for the # Mobilwandel2035 – Zukunftswettbewerb nachhaltige Mobilität ‘Competition For Sustainable Mobility Future’!

The Schlei region will once again be a model for the future. Their project idea inspired already cross-factions and sparked great enthusiasm among the population. Not surprising, because the company is optimized to your needs and the surpluses is for the social good. Drive more, raise the social good. Sustainability becomes sustainable 🙂

The project VIKTORIA – “Vernetzter Individualverkehr der Kooperativen Transportlösung, Orientiert an Regionalem Intermodalitätsbedarf der Allgemeinheit”

Thank you very much for the great support to the city of Schleswig!

Today, the Schlei is a dividing element. It becomes a connecting element through sustainable maritime mobility. The Schleiboats are small electric ferries with fuel cells and green hydrogen, which are initially controlled manually and later drive autonomously. Fully digital and connected, an on-demand operation is planned for the introduction of the individual mobility Schleiboats. The connection between Schleswig and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Haithabu and Danewerk will be initiated as a first use for the Schleiboats. An operator concept for this new type of mobility will be developed and implemented together with all stakeholders while # mobilwandel2035.