Member of the UN-ECE Transformative Innovation Network ETIN

CTO Stefanie A. Engehard at the UN-ECE Transformative Innovation Network Kick-Off
Entering the United Nations at Geneva, Switzerland

I have been invited to the expert panel of the UN-ECE Transformative Innovation Network (ETIN) kick-off of 🇺🇳 United Nations in Geneva Nov 14th and 15th. I really took a while to sink in (but really no need to carry a kitchen sink though! #ElonMusk) In my role as CTO and female founder, I became selected member of the #ETIN network.

Wow! I feel so honored! 😊

What is ETIN?

The UNECE Transformative Innovation Network (ETIN) brings together innovation agencies, policy makers, government officials, think tanks, researchers, practitioners, experts, and entrepreneurs mandated to supporting or engaged in transformative innovation in the UN-ECE region.

Why is UN-ECE Transformative Innovation Network important?

We need to accellerate transformation. Sadly, we didn’t get started until now, racing the clock for 2030 and #fitfor55 already. Unleash Future Boats GmbH has an award-winning Regulatory Sandbox (Ausgezeichnetes #Reallabor), building fully #autonomous boats and ships. We are pushing frontiers and love to contribute to enable disruptive green innovations globally. ETIN is to learn and accelerate transformation at the level of the United Nations.

Who is engaged in Transformative Innovation Network?

People engaged that I am grateful for their efforts: 🙏 Thank you Dr. Philipp Ludewig, Mikael Román, Sagi Dagan, Kjell Håkan Närfelt, Ralph Heinrich, Eduardo Bacelar Pinto, Christian Bogatu and Nils Brand for the great talks and fruitful discussion about 💡 innovation, 🚀 startup, and 😎 regulation. I loved to learn your point of view. 🤝

What are my most important messages?

1.) Together we can shape our future. It is our #responsibility to finally #ignite prosperity in a #greengrowth #economy. There is #noAlternative. No room for negotiation. But a lot to learn, enable and accelerate. If we fail, we’re fucked up.

2.) The #SDGs are a key factor to enable our next generations and re-create a world worth living. Innovations are the enabler to achieve these goals, where #ETIN is the perfect platform.

3.) #RegulatorySandboxes are key enabler to deploy disruptive innovation and the only chance for bleeding edge technology to prosper.

4.) The #UN should rely on #hydrogen solutions and the international demand. Only electric will never be the single solution, the mix is the key.

5.) When we #stop #fooling ourselves and others with economics and finally begin to calculate the TRUE-Total-Cost-of-Ownership, including the damage and downturns of current solutions, there is plenty of money to fund #greengrowth #economy. #unfuckeconomy

The #ETIN is part of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.