Prototyping of autonomous boats

Publication in Gründerviertel (german):

Autonomes Boot – Open Innovation SH (

Thanks to the 3D printing and the support of the TZL Akademie Lübeck, we were able to transport the concept of the fully digital shipyard into reality – early stage.


Today, innovations are mostly created digitally in the computer. However, it is important to transfer the ideas into the real world – early stage. This is the only way to create an immediate feedback loop.  It allows easy communication with customers, end users or the implementation of an innovation in an interdisciplinary team, too.

At Unleash Future Boats, we develop emission-free autonomous boats. Emission-free means: no air pollution, no water pollution, and no noise.
Our autonomous systems enable completely new applications and concepts, both for passenger transportation and for smart logistics.


Thanks to 3D printing and the support of the TZL Akademie Lübeck, we were able to translate the fully digital shipyard concept into reality at an early stage. Together with our experts from the automotive, aerospace and maritime sectors, we created a common understanding of the challenges ahead. The models made communication with customers, users and partners much easier. Both regionally and internationally. And so we were able to address important findings before the first prototype was created in our #digitalShipyard! This not only saves costs, but also enables innovation projects to get off to a rapid start with the shortest innovation cycles!