Famous Meeting in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament

Our CTO Stefanie A. Engelhard was invited to the very interesting event in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament.

A panel discussion on the topic “What does it mean to make Schleswig-Holstein the first #climateneutral #industrialized country by 2040?” with absolute great participant!

Moderator Lasse Petersdotter, Green Party parliamentary group leader and spokesman for business and labor, impressed with great questions.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck gave insights into the federal government’s perspective.

Multi-supervisory board member Simone Menne presented the perspective of the corporations and companies. For me, she’s a clear role model that I personally value very much and am very happy about the exchange before the official panel.

Laura Pooth represented the employers as chairwoman of the DGB-Nord.

Roland Kühl, managing director of the Heide refinery, represented the view of the companies in Schleswig-Holstein and in the interview afterwards described himself as a medium-sized company, and I find that remarkable.

Far too often, politics diffuses beyond the interests of medium-sized companies #SMEs and #startups, which form the #backbone and #innovation engine of our German #economy.

Of course, people want to take care of the big issues at federal level. But small and medium-sized companies play a significant role in #grossdomesticproduct. This means that #transformation is essentially in our hands.

My colleagues from associations such as the Association of German Entrepreneurs e.V. (VdU) and UVNord demonstrate this every day in many projects. It is important to #act – above all #politics is required – because #competition never sleeps. A competition has broken out across #Europe to attract the most innovative companies through #financing, #tax relief and #network. The #future of tomorrow is shaping up now. It’s time to move from knowledge to action.

It was wonderful to bring each other up to date with the representatives, because only coordinated and decisive action from business and politics can make such an ambitious project successful. I was happy to see you again!