The ITS position paper of BITKOM e.V. is finalized!

The ITS position paper of BITKOM e.V. is finalized!
ITS stands for Intelligent Transport Systems. Alongside companies like Intel Corporation, Volkswagen AG, BMW Group and ZF Group, we have contributed to the BITKOM e.V. position paper.

It is important for top experts to contribute to politics, explaining technology to enlighten decision makers for correct regulations. Let’s proactively shape our future for autonomous mobility and transportation in a world worth living!

‘Bitkom welcomes the revision of the ITS Directive and the EU Commission’s intention to accelerate the deployment of smart, multimodal and sustainable mobility. The digitization of transport infrastructures and mobility services offers manifold opportunities, which are, at present, not being exploited to the full.’

Many thanks to Nathalie Teer, Roman Bansen, Stéphane du Boispéan (Intel), Marc Kiebel (ZF), Ben Brecht (VW), Christoph Lauterwasser, and all top experts for the constructive and productive discussion sessions!

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