Awesome, we did it!

Our pitch on Friday November 20th, 2020 was very successful. We were accepted directly via the popular wildcard: startport accelerator program of the port of Duisburg - duisport.

Exciting 5 minutes of pitch, 5 minutes of Duisport time and 5 minutes of questions and answers.

More information about startport accelerator


Unleash Future Boats Pitch Problem Wirtschaftlicher Druck Schifffahrt
Unleash Future Boats Lösung Schleiboote Pitch
Unleash Future Boats Lösung Schleiboot Übersicht
Unleash Future Boats Vision und Leitbild


startport accelerator von duisport dem duisburg hafen hat unleash future boats ausgewählt
Posted on: 
Monday, 23. November 2020